Understanding Medical Engagement

Top 10 BioPharma Company – Understanding Medical Engagement


The value of Medical to pharma has always been important but it has been increasing over recent years and medical based engagement is coming more to the fore.

Our client wished to demonstrate the value of Medical to the wider business. Because of the smaller, niche aspects of medical data, the data had not always been possible to dashboard.

What challenges did the client face?

Our client had widely disparate medical data that was not stored in one system.

Due to its nature, medical data was often kept away from the business because it had to be ring-fenced. We therefore worked with our client to bring together clinical trial data, CRM activity data, med info data and medical requests into one reporting system.

We overcame the challenges of cleanliness and centralisation of medical data to provide the business medical reporting dashboards.

Understanding Medical Management

What did we do to solve it?

As experts working with Tableau and Tableau Prep, we were able provide customised solutions and provide dynamic, easily navigable dashboards which presented collated key metrics to senior the management teams.

The summary screen contained the key metrics the client was interested in, such as Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Activity, IST Medical Studies, Med Info and Real-World Data, with each section having an overview of the significant aspects for that data set.

MSL activity drilled down to show time analysis of what reps had been doing year-to-date, by channel and by therapy area as well as topics that had been covered in conversations with HCPs. A summary view of where staff were working, at a geographical level, and which areas were being focused could be presented to allow strategic planning at a senior management level.

With Med Info data there were a great many products, some with few interactions to record. CSL therefore grouped them to make it easier to read and analyse for the user. Data provided was quite basic but presented back clearly with different views.

IST data showed studies going on, by product, by status and by study type as well as the countries of participation. The base data was quite muddled, because not all products had an activation date, and the study lengths were so different. We therefore tabularised some rules in Tableau Prep, applying business logic as to which studies would be of most interest.

Real World Data again provided a breakdown of various studies including feasibility studies and market research studies under the different groupings of function, product and study priority.

What were the benefits for the client?

Medical Engagement information was used for strategic planning by HQ and senior management, enabled by having a clear overview of what was going on and what data they did have.

As hard as it was to tie these different data sets together, having the information in one report has been a major advantage.

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